Raw Food Update Day 23

I can’t believe it’s been 23 days that I haven’t eaten cooked food (with the occasional cheat). I didn’t post as much as I wanted to, I’ve had a ton of meetings and the such.

Lately, I’ve had really bad cravings. I almost cheated yesterday, but something got me through. In the mornings it’s not too bad, but by mid afternoon/late at night, the cravings are terrible. I’ve been craving cheese and greasy foods a lot. For a few days I didn’t eat anything because I just wasn’t hungry. It’s weird, sometimes I’m extremely hungry and feel like I will pass out if I don’t eat something, and other times I feel great when I don’t eat.

I’m not at home, so I can’t post my current weight. I weighed myself on a different scale last night and it said 110, but I look and feel like I’ve lost more weight and should be lower. I wish I had the digital scale from home because it’s accurate to a tenth of a pound and you never have to readjust it.

I have been having great mental clarity, but I think that is because of the medicine I am on. I forgot to take it yesterday morning and was kind of out of it, so I’m going to blame the medicine for that.

I’ve generally been eating a lot of salads and bananas. I wasn’t eating much fat, but yesterday I ate an avocado and half a container of cashews, and then today I finished the cashews.

Part of me wants to continue this diet because my body feels pretty good, and I am happy with the weight I’m losing.

I don’t work out nearly as much as I’d like to. I went for a run a while back, and go for a walk every Tuesday. Plus I do abs and thighs in my room, but I know I’d lose more weight if I actually did some cardio. Maybe I will do some tonight after work.

Hmm, other factors, my house is freezing again. I don’t get it, sometimes it’s warm and sometimes it’s freezing. There’s only an On/Off button so we can’t change the thermostat and it’s on whenever I’m around. I’ve also been kind of stressed with factors of the house. I will probably post about it when everything is resolved, because it’s a pretty funny/crazy story (and by crazy I mean mentally unstable).

I’m at work waiting for someone to need help in the lab, and I should be working on my senior project…blah.

Will write more later.

Raw Food Day 12

I can’t believe I’ve gone almost 2 weeks with eating no cooked foods at all. Sometimes the cravings are really bad, especially when I get a whiff of pizza or something good. Other than that, I’m still alive and kicking (for now).

It seems over the past few days I’ve actually put on a pound or two. Now I’m right at the 110 line on my scale. I think this is because I’ve been eating a lot of peanuts and cashews. I can’t help it, I crave them! Last night I ate a small bag of cashews with 6 servings in it. I ate it in about 2 hours.

I don’t really notice any other differences right now. Energy levels are about the same. I’ve been eating about 4 bananas a day, which is a lot for me.

Will write more later.