Raw Day 1

Today was not the best start off for this diet. Usually I can make it through at least the first day. We went to the Olive Garden for lunch as I had suspected and I only ordered the salad. But then the bread sticks came out and I couldn’t help myself. I’m too ashamed to admit how many I had, but it wasn’t pretty (but they are so delicious!!) I also had a drink, but to be fair it was a pomegranate martini with real fruit juice! Besides that bad stuff I probably had about two servings of salad, and had some fruit for dinner. I only ate one blood orange and half of an African horned melon because I’m just not in a fruit mood.

Court, fruit doesn’t fill me up either. I was reading Steve Pavlina’s blog and he would eat 6-12 clementines for breakfast along with other things too. Most of your calories are supposed to come from fruit, I’m trying to do the 80-90% from fruit and then the rest split between veggies and nuts. It’ll be hard considering I like veggies way more.

I’m not happy about the bread sticks, but I’m proud I didn’t eat pasta. Mark had garlic pasta with broccoli and it smelled so good. Plus Dave was sitting next to me and got calamari which I love.

This morning I was 115, and I think I may have gained weight from today’s lunch.

Thanks for the support Court and Mandi! This isn’t going to be easy, and I don’t recommend anyone follow exactly what I’m eating. My guess is that I won’t get enough calories everyday, or at least not from the right sources. At the same time, I function my best at around 1000 calories, but everyone is different and you should do what is healthy for you!

Picture of African horned melon from Google Images:

(PS. Not my favorite fruit, it’s not very sweet, but I don’t think the one I got was fully ripened.)

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