End of the day-Raw 2

Today was difficult but it was a lot easier than yesterday. I wasn’t as tempted like at the Olive Garden, but I did go to the caf and successfully deny the dessert area, even though the cupcakes looked amazing.

This morning I was about 115 lbs again. At school I only have an older scale that isn’t very accurate and it’s hard to read, so these are my best guesses. I think I might take measurements of my waist, hips, bust, etc tonight, but the main goal isn’t to lose weight, it’s mainly just to see how I feel. I might also take pictures throughout, but we’ll see if I post them. Maybe just a before and after at the end of the month kind of thing.

Today for lunch I tried to eat as much as possible. I had a salad with lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, green olives, and these other things that I can’t think of the name of. I had a small bowl of raw broccoli and carrots, 3/4 banana, and a very tiny bit of pineapple. I was sufficiently stuffed, hence me not finishing the whole banana or eating more pineapple. I did add some balsamic vinaigrette and a little hot sauce on my veggies, which may be cheating, but it made it a lot more enjoyable.

Other than that I’ve only had a few more bits of carrots, some cashews, and juice today, and I feel alright. I could eat but I’m actually pretty content right now.

Mood/Feelings through the day
I had a quiz in one of my programming classes today and I found it hard to do the simplest math. I don’t contribute this to the diet though since it’s only day 2 and I have those moments all the time. My days and nights have gotten mixed up again, but that’s been going on for about a week now. I’ve been waking up between 9-10am everyday for maybe two months, and for the past month I’ve been getting really sleepy around midnight. For the past week I’ve been exhausted and not been able to sleep so I’m averaging about 4 hours a night now. I’ve been trying to lay down all night as to not make things worse, but this is the first burst of energy I’ve had and I needed to take advantage of it. Still having very vivid dreams when I do fall asleep.

Health differences
I’m particularly interested in differences in my hair, nails, complexion, and skin. My nails are always a good way to tell if I’m getting enough nutrients in my diet. When I’m eating poorly/not taking vitamins they are brittle and the whites on the tips aren’t a nice straight line. When I don’t drink enough water they start to curl up. Now they look alright and I’ve noticed they’re shinier/smoother than normal.

I’ve read that some people on raw diets suffer from dry skin. I’m thinking if this happens I’ll add more fats, mainly in the form of avocados because they’re my favorite. I’ve also noticed in the past few months my skin has had trouble healing, and I’m interested to see if this will change that at all. I think noticing a difference in my hair will be the hardest to tell in a short period of time since it’s long, but I’m still curious about it.

I think it’s still too early to notice anything significant, but I will continue to document changes, hopefully every day. I worked out today, but mainly just stretches and abs and thighs. I’m feeling good, not starving, and not even craving anything! I almost ate the candy bar I found in my fridge, but decided not to. I’m very proud of myself for this.

Overall calories, protein, fat, and carbs were a lot lower than yesterday, but I feel good and I ate when I was hungry.

Until tomorrow…g’nite!

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