Raw Food Day 4

I forgot to weigh myself this morning, but I’d assume I was about the same give or take a pound. I cracked last night and had 2 cupcakes, and I had another 2 tonight. I only have 2 left, which I might toss because they are getting old, but Court was right, I can’t waste birthday AND Doctor Who cupcakes.

Today for lunch I had a salad (with guacamole!) and a banana. My snack was cashews, even though I wanted to save the fat for later tonight. Dinner was the cupcakes and carrots and broccoli. I’ve been figuring out all my calories and fat intake and what not but I don’t think I’ll post them now if I do at all. It’s definitely helpful info, but it’s tedious until I have my program completely written.

I know the cupcakes are a HUGE cheat, but I still feel pretty good. I know I’m not eating “enough” calories by the governments standards, but I’ve never needed as many as recommended and I feel pretty good through out the day.

I haven’t been sleeping really. Last night I think I got in an hour, and I fell asleep at 8 tonight hoping to sleep the entire night but I woke up at 9 and now I’m pretty awake. I’m going to lay in bed and hope I fall asleep. The little bit I slept last night I had another vivid dream. They’re kinda cool, like they should be movies or something.

Sorry for the lame post, and sorry for the lack of commenting on other journals and keeping up with people. I read all the friend list updates and I should really get around with catching up with people soon.

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