Raw Day 7

Haven’t posted in a few days because they have been super busy. Diet has been going well, I haven’t cheated since those blasted cupcakes (which I should post pictures of). I’ve probably lost another pound or two. I’m getting tired of salads. I’m eating as much as I can but fruits and veggies are starting to lose their appeal, but I’m sticking through for the month.

Tonite I really wanted Taco Bell. We went to a pizza place and all I got was a salad, even though I wanted a bite of the pizza. I almost went and got Taco Bell, but I stayed strong. We watched Paula Deen all night and now I want a breakfast sandwich on a donut. Hopefully I will be strong tomorrow morning.

I was seriously thinking about driving to Taco Bell when I saw Steve Palvina had a new blog post and it was about being raw for over a year. This inspired me to not give in.

I did drink alcohol tonight which is technically not allowed, but I didn’t have that much and I’ve been doing good with everything else.

I took measurements of my waist, hips, bust, neck and thigh today. Should be interesting to see if there is a difference.

I’ve also decided that I should test my mental ability. Today I took the practice GREs and I’m not too confident about my score, but I’ve decided a good way to test is Tetris scores. Already since I’ve been on the diet I’ve gotten new high scores, so that much be good right? Haha =)

I’m really struggling now, but I must stay strong for the month!

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  1. Wow Paula, just when I thought you couldn’t get worse than baking with bacon grease you go to a whole new level with breakfast sandwiches on donuts. Damn your deliciously unhealthy ideas!

    I am proud of you for staying strong. Resisting pizza is hard, resisting Taco Bell is harder. I’d love cupcake pictures!

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