New Trial

I would consider last months trial a success. I wish I was a little more prepared for this month to have something to do for March. I might make a decision of something I’d like to do just for 2 weeks and start it on the 15th.

For next month I’m juggling a few different ideas. I really liked the idea of writing, and/or reading. By reading, I mean reading other than for school and most likely not e-books or magazines. I might try blogging, or short story writing, or writing in a journal also.

Another idea I really like is kind of a mental health thing, with meditating/yoga at least once a day. I’m thinking of making a list of activities such as meditating, focusing on the chakras, using my Chinese health balls, doing yoga, etc, and doing at least one a day for 30 days. Possibly getting it up to two times a day if it goes nicely.

Another idea, is hard core job searching everyday. Either submitting at least one resume/application or working on my resume, etc. I’m getting really worried about not finding a job at this point, and even though I’m applying, I think if I give it 100% effort I might be more successful.

I’ve also thought about spending 1-2 hours every single night on school work…maybe taking Sunday night off. Right now, I’m doing work a couple nights a week for several hours at a time. That’s how I prefer it, but trying to attack my senior project in smaller chunks every night might prove to be more efficient.

I’d like to try to do all of these things, but I know if I try to do them all at once I’ll fail at all of them. The job searching is a good idea now because of timing, since I will be graduating in the beginning of May. But meditating and such would be really helpful now because I’m so stressed out. The same with getting my school projects done is something that needs to get finished up in the next month.

I’m thinking now to either give one of those things the 15 day trial, or extend it into April for another 15 days, or try to block schedule my time and give a little time to each. Maybe just meditating everyday for 15 minutes, and only spending no more than half an hour job searching every night.

There have been ridiculous things going on around here, and the maturity level, or lack there of is really stressing me out. Mark gets annoyed and said I just shouldn’t let it bother me, but it really does. I feel so uncomfortable here when these small childish things happen, that are done purposely to make me feel uncomfortable.

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