Tis the gift to be simple…

After a roller coaster of a day, I’ve decided what will make me feel better: simplifying everything.

Since I will be moving in a few days, I need to pack up the rest of my stuff anyway, but now is the time to really decide to keep, donate, or throw in the trash.

I LOVE getting rid of stuff..mostly because I’m a complete pack rat and can’t throw things away the first time. This time I want to start fresh. There’s just something about tossing (or donating) a black garbage bag of crap.

I wish I could write a really motivational/informative post about this, but I’m getting antsy just talking about it…must start doing now.

Plus this would be a great time to check out www.freecycle.org.

OOh, and I have it set in my head that I will be doing and documenting the p90x videos. Most likely starting when I’m completely moved in. Usually, I do my challenges for a month, but I think the set time for this one *might* be two months. Hopefully I’ll like it and want to continue, but it will be a full 4 weeks, possibly 8 before I let myself give up.