Personal Growth..hopefully

Finally, I have everything set to start my p90x workout (sans the pull up bar). I did the ab ripper x yesterday just for fun, but my official start date is today.  I have my stats written down (will post at a later date…most likely around the 2nd phase), and my batteries are charging to take pictures (ugh, also don’t think I will post just yet).

I’m not sure how closely I will follow the nutrition plan, mostly because I have my own nutrition plan that I’d like to follow.

I’m scared and excited. I HAVE to do this for 90 days…90 days really isn’t that bad. CAN’T QUIT. This will definitely be a challenge.

I know I am becoming, or perhaps I have always been, a sheeple, or I guess sherson (singular?).  I’m working a 9-5, m-f job, to bring home a paycheck that just barely covers living expenses. Everyone has the power to be way more than that, but why do we settle? Maybe we’re lazy, but wouldn’t we rather be happy?

Personal examples of dropping the ball:

-Working out/going to the gym: “Ah, I’m tired, I’ll go tomorrow.”

-Blogging: “I have this great idea to write about, I’ll do it later.”

-Finding a career I love: “I want to do something great, but I don’t have the time to figure it out now.”

Things that I think will help me:

-Waking up every morning excited for the day. Even if I have to fake it for a while.

-Learn how to do things mind over matter. Tired? Tough, workout anyway.

-Having constant reminders of what I’m passionate about. Making a ‘dream board’ of sorts, where I list/have pictures of the things I want to accomplish.

Time to get some work done. Thanks for reading!


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