(famous) People I find inspiring, and why…

Maybe I should just shut up and smell the roses, but I’m obsessed with trying to live better, more efficiently, happier, lazier, etc. I’m not the best at it, but I love personal development. Here’s a list of people who I find inspiring and a brief summary on why.

Steve Pavlina (and his wife Erin): Anyone who knows me knows I basically worship this man. His website (stevepavlina.com) is loaded with free content that ranges from polyphasic sleeping, to eating a raw diet, to little life hacks on how to be more productive. He applies common sense, and neat little tricks that most of us wouldn’t think of. Plus, I love listening to his Podcasts while I’m at work. You may not agree with everything he says (and he doesn’t ask you to), but he gives you enough information to make your own judgment. Steve has this way of putting things that makes me realize my negative thinking and turn things around. He seems like such a genuinely happy individual, and he inspires me to be the same.  Some of my favorite posts are:

10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job

How to Get Up Right Away When Your Alarm Goes Off

33 Rules to Boost Your Productivity

StevePavlina.com Podcast #014 – Embracing Your Passion

His wife, Erin, is a psychic medium/intuitive counselor (and blogger, among other things) and I love reading her experiences with lucid dreaming, and relationships. I get my fill of ‘crazy paranormal’ reading from her. You can also book a reading with her: Book a Reading.

How To Know When To Leave Your Job

If You Weren’t Afraid

Tim Ferriss: I’m currently reading 4 Hour Work Week and enjoying it. This guy basically has my ideal life. He travels, does the things he loves, and has people working for him. His ideas on productivity make sense, and he gives you great exercises on how to achieve these things. Right now, I’m working on getting a personal assistant for like 5 bucks an hour. I think of his book as a type of  work book, plus his blog (http://www.fourhourworkweek.com/blog/) has great articles on “Experiments in Lifestyle Design”. Um, did I mention he travels the world and does the things he loves? I love his book/site, and some talks I’ve found online:

Ted Talk about smashing fear

Blogging without killing yourself

(Yes, I know this is starting to sound “let’s talk about my crushes on male entrepreneurs. Anyway…)

Matt Mullenweg: The man behind WordPress! The first time I really learned about Matt was in an article where I read he likes to program in the middle of the night and listen to one song on repeat over and over. Awesome! That’s totally me.  I also recently watched his talk at the WordPress Camp in Portland and he had great things to say about development and software design. Check out his site at http://ma.tt

(And finally a lady…)

Sarma Melngailis: She’s pretty kick ass because she runs the awesome Pure Food and Wine restaurant in NYC. She’s all about raw and healthy living, and she’s gorgeous! She admits to trying lots of different things and won’t label herself as a vegetarian, but she believes in the power of living food and promotes a healthy lifestyle. She has a restaurant, take out shop, 2 books, and an online store.  She’s definitely a great role model for healthy living, and she admits that she struggles with the same things everyone else does (even though she makes it all look so easy).

Well there is my (current) list of well known people who help me stay motivated. At least daily, I read/listen to one or more of these people. Whether I take the initiative and actually follow their ideas or not, I’m glad they’re in the world doing what they’re doing.

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