November Challenge

Ah, November is rolling around, and I’m getting bored.  Starting November 1st, I will be doing a new experiment, but I haven’t quite figured out what I should do yet.

I need your help!

So far I have come up with 4 diet challenges that I’m interested in trying for the entire month (and I’m open to other suggestions):

College diet (aka nothin’ but ramen): I don’t think this will improve my quality of life one bit, BUT it would be interesting to see exactly what the effects of eating something bare like ramen would have. I always do healthy, good for you challenges, at some point I need to do a “Eat nothing but pizza and popcorn” diet.

What brought this up: Having to pay an arm and a leg (and my first born child) to afford health insurance (Ha take that! I will pay you my entire pay check, but I will have even worse health because I can’t afford food! I’m sure this is the way the system is supposed to work…right?) And having to extra rent for my new kitteh.
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November Experiment

Super Easy (yet Impressive) Dinner Suggestions for Kevin Rose

While checking Twitter tonite, I saw “@kevinrose: cooking a lady friend dinner on thursday… what can I not screw up that is an easy to medium lvl of difficulty? (links appreciated)”.

Being a huge fan of Kevin Rose, and pretty much of anything edible, I figured I should write a post on easy dinner ideas (that even a man can handle  )


(Impossible to screw up): Chips and salsa. Chicks dig (or at least I do) a delicious salsa.

(Super easy): Fresh Italian bread with olive oil and spices…buy a fresh loaf, stick it in the oven before the lucky lady arrives, then slice it up and serve it. Fresh bread is always a winner. (You’ll probably want to stay away from the garlic, FYI.)

(Still easy, but one step up): Fresh bread with brushetta. Simple, yet delicious. Tomatoes, basil, (tiny bit of) onion, olive oil, salt and pepper. Usually you can even buy pre-cut/pre-made stuff from the grocery store.

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