Health Week

I ordered Cat’s Claw from not too long ago, and they have a cool program where they offer free samples with any purchase. So of course I couldn’t turn down free things, and got a whole bunch of samples.
Starting today (Thursday, 10/15/2009), and for the next week, I’m going to try taking the samples I got, along with taking my multivitamins, cat’s claw, and most likely a liquid fast for at least a few days.

Everything I got can be found here (as of 10/09), and here is the list:

Now Foods, Tru-Vegan Powder

Doctor’s Best, Magnesium with Bioperine

Histame Diamine Oxidase (will not be taking)

Ultima Health, Ultima Replenisher

Madre Labs, Immune Punch

Madre Labs, Madre-C, Whole Fod Vitamin C Complex

Natural Factors, Stress-Relax, Pharma Gaba

Whey Protein Isolate, Dutch Chocolate

I will be taking:

1 stress tablet twice daily

1 magnesium tablet twice daily

Cat’s claw, 3 times daily.

1 Adult Multivitamin

1-2 Kid’s Gummy Multivitamins

1 Madre Labs packet for lunch on Thurs & Fri

Tru-Vegan Supplement for dinner on Thurs

Replenish Drink Mix while at the gym on Fri

Whey protein shake after gym for dinner on Fri


I’d like to take acidophilous during this week too, but I’ve ran out of the tablets, and I wasn’t planning on buying more for a while. I might buy Kombucha, which is a probiotic drink, but will not start today (Thursday).

All day yesterday I was sick to my stomach, so this seemed like a great plan. This morning I’m a little hungry, and I’m worried, but I will try to liquid fast for at least a few days. I’ll try the supplements, and add in some juice. There is a good chance I will drink tea, and a slim chance I will have a cup of coffee.

I’m not really trying these products because I think they will make a big difference in the next couple of days, but I’m curious if I try a lot of them at once if I will notice some kind of change in my health. Also, I haven’t really done any research into these products (nor do I endorse them), but since it’s only a small test sample I’m not too concerned about negative outcomes.

(Edit: If anyone does use to order things, you can use the code INE500 for first time users and get 5 dollars off your order.)

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