Super Easy (yet Impressive) Dinner Suggestions for Kevin Rose

While checking Twitter tonite, I saw “@kevinrose: cooking a lady friend dinner on thursday… what can I not screw up that is an easy to medium lvl of difficulty? (links appreciated)”.

Being a huge fan of Kevin Rose, and pretty much of anything edible, I figured I should write a post on easy dinner ideas (that even a man can handle  )


(Impossible to screw up): Chips and salsa. Chicks dig (or at least I do) a delicious salsa.

(Super easy): Fresh Italian bread with olive oil and spices…buy a fresh loaf, stick it in the oven before the lucky lady arrives, then slice it up and serve it. Fresh bread is always a winner. (You’ll probably want to stay away from the garlic, FYI.)

(Still easy, but one step up): Fresh bread with brushetta. Simple, yet delicious. Tomatoes, basil, (tiny bit of) onion, olive oil, salt and pepper. Usually you can even buy pre-cut/pre-made stuff from the grocery store.

Salad: Add a salad if you go with plain bread.


(Super easy): Pasta with fixin’s and chicken. Alfredo sauce is a piece of cake, along with spicy marinara, or a pesto sauce. Add broccoli, asparagus, olives, spinach, grilled chicken, etc. (Make it vegetarian by skipping the chicken.)

(Easy): Chicken Cordon Bleu. Sounds fancy, and it’s super simple. Tenderize chicken, lay cheese and ham on it and fold over. Coat with egg and bread crumbs, and bake. Serve with a green vegetable and rice pilaf. Delicious.

A super fun meal idea is DIY tacos. Season the ground beef as you like, and then have lettuce, tomato, salsa, cheese, etc, all in little bowls ready to go. Everyone loves tacos, especially when you actually know what’s inside of them.

Dessert: Tirimisu is another fancy dessert that isn’t very difficult. Or if you do dinner right, you’ll be too full for a real dessert. Here comes the after dinner drinks or some kick ass tea.

Drinks: Choose a good beer, or something fun like Zombie Zin.


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  1. I LOVEEEE your new domain name and your theme! I need to get me some Zombie Zin. I’ll search for it on Friday. Thanks for sharing your Zombie Walk pictures on Twitter yesterday. It looked like it was an awesome time.

    Is this a standard WordPress theme? There’s no place for me to sign up to get updates on my comment. hmmmm.

    1. Thanks! Zombie Zin isn’t a *great* wine, but I’ve definitely had worse, haha. I will have to write about the zombie walk, it was a blast.
      Hmm, I will have to check about not being able to subscribe to replies to your own comment. You can subscribe if anyone comments after you in general.

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