November Challenge

Ah, November is rolling around, and I’m getting bored.  Starting November 1st, I will be doing a new experiment, but I haven’t quite figured out what I should do yet.

I need your help!

So far I have come up with 4 diet challenges that I’m interested in trying for the entire month (and I’m open to other suggestions):

College diet (aka nothin’ but ramen): I don’t think this will improve my quality of life one bit, BUT it would be interesting to see exactly what the effects of eating something bare like ramen would have. I always do healthy, good for you challenges, at some point I need to do a “Eat nothing but pizza and popcorn” diet.

What brought this up: Having to pay an arm and a leg (and my first born child) to afford health insurance (Ha take that! I will pay you my entire pay check, but I will have even worse health because I can’t afford food! I’m sure this is the way the system is supposed to work…right?) And having to extra rent for my new kitteh.

Special Notes: A friend sent me a link (link was removed at the request of Rasmussen College) with ramen recipes, so we’re not talking plain cup of noodles 4x a day…there is the opportunity to spice it up a bit. Will I gain weight from eating such crappy food? Or will I lose weight from lack of nutrition? How much money on food will I spend in a month?  I am willing to end the experiment before the month is over if something awful happens…like I start suffering from malnutrition or something super drastic. Otherwise, it’s game on.

Juice Feasting: This one is healthy (maybe I should do it after the ramen diet?), and is enjoyable for a few days, but then I usually crash. The longest I’ve gone juice feasting/fasting has been about 2 weeks with no solid food, and a week before and after that time with mostly fruits/soups. This one is a challenge in self control more than anything. Last time I was really successful, I hadn’t seen a guy I was interested in in weeks, and I had nothing better to do, so I gave it a shot. I had motivation. This time, I’ll have to find something to motivate myself with.

Tim Ferriss’ diet (‘How to Lose 20lbs in 30 Days…Without Doing Any Exercise‘….can be found here). I’m interested in trying this because it obviously sounds like a gimmick, but when looking at the diet restrictions I can say, I’ve had similar results in my life. I can very quickly drop/add weight mostly just by what I eat, and I don’t mean starving myself.  I lost 10lbs in a week doing the Atkins diet. I’m curious to see if the diet is sustainable, comfortable, and if it really is possible to drop 20 lbs in 30 days. I’m wouldn’t do any blood/official medical testing, but I would gauge based on how I’m feeling health wise, ie sensations of weakness, hunger, cravings, etc.

Anything under $100/month diet: I implemented this, this past week and have been meaning to write on it. Basically, setting a limit of $25 dollars a week to find filling and nourishing food. It’s definitely possible, and makes the money spent on food about $3.33 a day. I’m convinced I could go lower, maybe $75 depending on external circumstances.

Exceptions (no matter which one I choose):

I will eat meals that are provided to me. For example, we had a company Halloween part the other night. I ate the veggies and other assorted foods that were there (didn’t eat any meat), and we’ve had leftovers for lunch the past 2 days. I will try to eat within the bounds of the chosen diet, but free food will usually triumph.

WordPress Camp: I’ll be in NYC for a weekend in Nov, and I will eat what I can afford. Hopefully, I’ll get to splurge a little bit on a raw treat from OneLuckyDuck. Plus, I signed up for the lunch on Saturday afternoon (ordered a vegan’s so cool that they offer different types of meals), and I’m going to eat it and enjoy it.

Turkey Day: I’ve never liked turkey, so not eating it will not be a problem. As of now, it looks like I’ll be on my own, but I still might want to do something special meal-wise , though I will probably be able to fit it to any restrictions.

Now it’s time to go to the polls…I’d love for any input anyone would like to offer. I’m open to other suggestions or recommendations.  I will be documenting the month, and hopefully updating this site quite regularly. I will be measuring what foods I ate/drank, any exercise, weight, and overall feelings.

Stay posted, and vote! =)

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