Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu

I’ve decided to stay in PA instead of going to NY for Thanksgiving because the office is open on Friday (grrr), and I don’t have vacation yet. I’ve decided that since I really like the Turkeyday side dishes, and never really cared for the turkey itself, that maybe I should just make some sides and enjoy the day off. Don’t get me wrong, there are places I could go to eat with people, but I’m not a huge family gathering kind of girl, and I really need a stress-free day to lounge around comfortably in my pjs.  =)

If my energy allows, tonight I will head out to get some groceries, and I’ll probably make the food Wednesday night/Thursday afternoon. (I had even already bought Fox a little kitty turkey dinner can of food so we could celebrate together…I miss that little guy.) I’m still trying to come up with something with more protein, and I’m still torn between the potato dish, but here is my (potential) vegetarian* Thanksgiving day menu**:

2009-11-24 15.04.42

Stuffed Mushrooms

-(most likely) Sweet potato casserole with marshmallow topping (MAYBE twice baked potatoes)




-Some type of bread/rolls


My mother makes *THE BEST* stuffed mushrooms on the east coast (probably the entire universe, but I haven’t eaten stuffed mushrooms from all over the universe, so it would be unfair of me to judge.) I should learn how, and make them her way, but I’d only cooking for one here, and I may go with the simplest recipe I can find.

I will gladly take any recipes/ideas/suggestions. I’m not a huge dessert fan, and feel that a lot of the time it’s more hassle than it’s worth, especially for just me. I’ll probably get tired of whatever the dessert is and toss it anyway. So any small dessert ideas would be really appreciated too. I have 2-3 single serving pie trays I *might* try to make something with, we’ll see.

*Note, I’m not going to add milk or eggs to anything, but everything probably won’t be vegan if it’s coming from a box.

**Trying to go super cheap and easy to prepare.

WordCamp NYC 2009

Only a few more days until WordCamp NYC and I’m so very excited. This is one of the first conferences (in my field) that I’m going to be attending and it’s two days jam packed with awesomeness. Besides being in my favorite US city (New York), and listening to my future husband* (Matt Mullenweg) speak, I’m really excited to be around like minded, tech savvy people who are interested in blogging and/or coding.

WordCampNYC – Nov 14-15

On Becoming a Media Slut by Michelle Leder

Curse of The Invisible Blog by  Corey Eulas

Lifestreaming by Erin Blaskie

Building Your First Plugin by John Hawkins

And the Q&A with Matt Mullenweg

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