Nothin' but Ramen November

Well, it was voted on, and this month will be a trial of eating nothing but ramen noodles. Since it was up in the air until today on what November would be, and the fact that I hate grocery shopping on Sundays, I will go shopping for my supplies tomorrow. I will also finish the perishable food I already have, as to not waste anything. But, I will not buy anything other than noodles, unless they are something to mix in/eat with the noodles.

I’m guessing I’ll be eating a lot of the cup of noodles because they’re simple to make (yes, I know ALL ramen is simple to make). I want to mix in frozen veggies, and maybe tofu. I found some kick ass recipes on the Nissin website, including ramen spinach salad, and ramen pizza.

Health Concerns (from wikipedia) : “A serving of ramen is high in carbohydrates and low in vitamins and minerals. Ramen soup tends to be high in sodium

However, the Maruchan website clearly states:  “Maruchan soups make delicious wholesome meals.”

Upon more research I found a woman who was going to try to eat ramen once a day for a week.  I also found this interesting Ramen blog.

Looks Yummy
Looks Yummy

I’m a little upset the bacon flavor is only available in Brazil, and I’m also confused about the “natural chicken” flavor that’s “coming soon.” I believe I will not be limiting myself to only vegetarian varieties because, honestly how many animal products are really in a serving? And the oriental flavor would get boring after a while.

I’m not even going to fathom a guess about how many calories I’ll be eating, or how much money it’ll cost. I’d rather just wait and see. I will eat whatever I’m given at the conference I’m going to in a few weeks, but maybe I’ll stop at a noodle bar while I’m in the city.

Will post info after my trip to the grocery store tomorrow. I’m excited to get this started!

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