Recap of Health Week

About 2 weeks ago I did a mini experiment of 1 week of health product samples. Being on the ball like I usually am, I forgot to update about it.

Recap of what I took:

1 stress tablet twice daily

1 magnesium tablet twice daily

Cat’s claw, 3 times daily.

1 Adult Multivitamin

1-2 Kid’s Gummy Multivitamins

1 Madre Labs packet for lunch on Thurs & Fri

Tru-Vegan Supplement for dinner on Thurs

Replenish Drink Mix while at the gym on Fri

Whey protein shake after gym for dinner on Fri

I varied from the above a little bit. I took things out of order, and had a hard time taking others.

I don’t like to say bad things about products, generally. I don’t want to be negative, and I don’t want to deter someone from something that they might really enjoy. That being said, I will be honest about the Madre Labs powdered supplements….they were extremely painful to drink. And by painful, I mean they were gross. I don’t care for Metamucil, but I’ve drank it a bit and this stuff reminds me of what Metamucil probably tasted like years and years ago, before it evolved into something tolerable. The Vitamin C packet (which is bright orange and has a picture of an orange on it) tasted like pickles. Thick, chunky, gritty, pickle juice. It was one of the most deceiving things I’ve ever drank in my life. The drink its self was even orange. I was expecting some tropical citrus type of flavor, but instead I got pickles. And I don’t mean faint pickles, I mean they got a jar of Vlasics, saved the juice, added orange food coloring and then threw in some sand to make it nice and gritty.

The Immune Punch supplement wasn’t as bad, but it was by no means good. This one has a picture of a big pomegranate on it, accompanied by other assorted fruit. I was very hesitant to even try it after the way the Vitamin C one went, but I gave it a shot. It didn’t taste like pickles, but once again it didn’t taste anything like the fruit pictured on the packaging. It reminded me of the smell when you walk into a pet shop…you know the wood shavings smell. I drank maybe half of it and had to toss it.

The stress tabs weren’t bad. I didn’t notice them de-stressing me at all, but it seemed to calm my appetite a little bit.

The other products were the same ‘meh’ as the stress tabs. I know I didn’t quite take them long enough to see a solid difference, but I think they are all just hype and nothing special.

I did juice fast/eat light foods for a few days. That went well.

Overall, the experiment was so-so. I didn’t feel a change really, but I did get to try free samples of health products (even if they were pretty gross). I will have to craft a month long health challenge using similar products in the future.

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