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(Recipe from Purely Twins)

Erica House
She’s my latest girl crush. She turned her life around and got super healthy. I love her health tips, and my favorite part is how candid she is. Just reading about her training for her first marathon makes me exhausted. Check out this hilarious post about some bizarre stories from her life.

Young House Love
I think everyone who has ever used the Internet loves this blog, and I am no exception. Something about the way they make things look so darn pretty just lures you in. It’s hard to pick just one post that I love, since most are so helpful and creative, but here’s an awesome one about their DIY wedding.

Veronika’s Blushing
I think I found this blog first through a makeup tutorial, but now I check it daily for updates. I love Veronika’s fashion advice, and it’s fun to read her posts about her new baby girl, Harper. I love her outfits in this post.

Purely Twins
They have great workouts and recipes. Check out these amazing super soft chocolate chip cookies.

Chocolate Covered Katie
I don’t religiously check this blog everyday, but it seems like every other day I stumble upon a recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie. I love her (mostly healthy) recipes, and they’re usually easily adaptable. I’m testing out these No-Bake Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies later today!

 Are there any awesome blogs that you check daily?

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