Influenster Violet Voxbox Review


Last week I got the Influenster Violet Voxbox, and it was kind of creepy how in tune some of the products were with what I had been wanting to try lately.

I’m still in search of a better skincare regimen because every few weeks my face flares up something horrible (I still think it’s because of the water).

I’ve been trying really really hard not to get my face wet with the hard water from the tap, so I thought about maybe getting a face mask or peel to stick on my face for my shower to kind of keep the hard water out of my pores. (My skin is always so much worse after a shower, or after I wash my face in the shower.)

I also thought about trying a dry shampoo maybe every few days to try to cut back on how often I have to wash my hair to keep the water away from my face.

I’ve never tried a dry shampoo, so I was really excited when literally the next day, there was a free sample of one at my door. I got the Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo.


Back in high school if I woke up with greasy hair and didn’t have time to get a shower, I would use hairspray on my roots because the alcohol would absorb some of the grease. I feel like that’s what I was doing with this. I’m not sure if all dry shampoos are like this, or just because this is an aerosol (as opposed to a powder), but it seemed like I needed to spray A LOT and it kind of just soaked up some of the grease. I guess I can’t really expect a “clean” feeling as if it were a real shampoo…I think this is why I kept putting off trying one. The directions say to comb through hair and since my hair was wavy that day I kind of tried to keep it to my roots, but I’ll try it again when my hair is straight and see if it makes a difference there. I will say it’s better than the hairspray trick because it doesn’t make your hair stiff or anything, but I wouldn’t go as far as calling it “refreshing”.


Before…sans makeup and purposely in need of a shower so that I could test out this dry shampoo.


A little less all over the place, but not “refreshed”


I also got a face mask in this voxbox, and I was really really excited to use it. So excited that I didn’t read the ingredients until afterwards and saw that there was milk in it. Usually I’m really OCD about checking ingredients, but I’ve used the brand before (never noticed one with milk in it), and all over the packaging it says it’s vegetarian, not tested on animals, PETA approved, and has stuff about not having any “animal bits” in it, so I just assumed it didn’t have any animal products. I’m sure this won’t be a big deal for most people, but at the same time, it wasn’t obviously labeled as containing milk, so someone with a milk allergy might miss that ingredient.



Since I was already in the midst of using the product, I will say that it worked really well. Besides the fact that I felt a lot like Leatherface…I left it on for about 30 minutes and then massaged it on my skin and then washed with warm water. I wish there were better English directions though because it wasn’t exactly clear about how to rinse it off (I washed thoroughly with warm water, but according to the website you’re supposed to just splash cold water on your face). Overall, my skin felt really smooth afterwards, and it was extremely refreshing as I was using it. It was very cooling and had a nice orange mint scent. It reminded me of the orange Listerine, or minty orange gum. I will definitely use the clay infused fabrics again if they have some that don’t contain milk or other animal products.



“Take a picture of me pretending to be Leatherface.”

Speaking of animal products, I skipped the cranberry SoyJoy bar because it has eggs and milk in it. I’m actually glad I was sent one because I’ve eaten them in the past and I guess I totally missed the eggs. I’m so careful about checking for whey in granola/meal reaplcement bars I’m not sure how I missed it, but apparently they all have eggs in them, so now I know. I gave the bar to my husband and he said it was “okay, a little dry”. Which sums up my experience when I’d had them in the past.


In the box was also a Goody Athletique headwrap, which is awesome because I wear headbands every morning and night when I wash my face, and somehow I always lose them. I think I forget to take them off and then eventually lose them around the house. If I’m going to wear a headband in public, I usually wear the skinny or bra strap ones, but this one is really thick and works really well with holding my bangs back, especially since my hair is short and barely reaches into a ponytail. This works so much better than the thin ones, and it’s marketed for sports/athletics, I can see this being a really good choice for that. (I’m using it in the face mask pictures.)


The last thing in my box was a Sally Hansen Triple Shine nail polish in Dive In. the bottle is a cute shape, but I’m not totally sold on the color. I have a theory about all the free nail polishes/products Influenster has sent…they’re always like weird colors/patterns, and then they want you to go buy colors you’d actually wear. Dive In is a teal color, and it’s pretty, but I’m not crazy about it on my nails. I have it on my toes now (how I try colors I’m not sure of), and I think it might be a pretty spring color. I can’t tell if it’s a Big 5 Free nail polish yet. It doesn’t clearly say on the bottle so I have to do some more research. I paired it with my Zoya Anchor and Amour base and top coats.

Along with the bottle being a cute shape, I like that the applicator brush is wider and thicker than the average one. It makes brushing on the polish in 2-3 stroke easier.

DSC_0077 DSC_0079 DSC_0083

On the card that explained about the products, it said some people would get a Goody hair brush. I was kind of bummed I didn’t get it because I got one last time and I really love it. I got the flat, panel type of brush and it would’ve been awesome to get the round one. I’ve been thinking about buying it, but I don’t really *need* another brush.

(Influenster is a program that sends out free products for people to try and review. Let me know if you’d like an invite.)

Have you tried any new products lately?



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