Newest Influenster VoxBox Review

In my latest VoxBox from Influenster, I received a bottle of Red Rose Real Tea Water Enhancer, Broadway Nails imPRESS Manicures, an Acroball Pure White pen, Rimmel London Stay Matte foundation, and NYC New York Color lipstick. I was really excited to try everything because it was spot on about the type of products I’d like.


I’m not going to go in order, but I will start with my favorite thing…the Acroball Pure White pen. I’m a pen snob, and this pen writes beautifully. I actually have a few other “fancy” pens that were gifts that write horribly compared to this one. Obviously this pen isn’t going to change your life, but there is just something satisfying about one that writes smooth, not too thick or thin, and just feels good. If you’re into pens, I’d definitely recommend trying these out. I could care less about coordinating them with my outfits (do they have ones to match my yoga pants?), but they do what they’re supposed to do. Write nicely. My handwriting is horrible to begin with, and crappy pens only make it worse.


(Please ignore all the cat hair on my jacket.)

I really really wanted to love the imPress nails, but I just couldn’t. I actually waffled back and forth about them. First, the color I received looks like it would match a jazzercize outfit from the early 90’s. But then I noticed they were pretty simple to apply, even if the instructions were lacking. The nails weren’t perplexing to apply, but why have instructions if they aren’t going to be clear. And then after filing them down, I actually kind of liked them. I still didn’t like the color/pattern, but they looked like professionally done nails. Then, later in the day (about 3 hours later), I had *just started* to do the dishes and one came off. I thought about trying to reapply, or use another one from the set, but it was enough for me to just pull them all off. I’d recommend them if you have a special occasion and NEED to get your nails done but don’t want to pay a lot or don’t have time to get them done professionally. And even then, I’d recommend applying them a the last minute.


The Real Tea Water Enhancer is okay. The taste is not terrible, but I’m not too keen on the ingredients. Especially for something that’s called “Real Tea”. It doesn’t taste like tea at all. It tastes like a raspberry flavored sports drink, and with “natural flavor” being it’s first ingredient, followed up by sugar, I’m not surprised. It says it’s lightly sweetened, but it’s way sweet too me. I have been drinking it occasionally, by putting it in my actual tea if I over steep it. If this was just marketed as a water enhancer, I’d probably rate it higher.


I also think the Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation is just okay. I’ve been getting more into makeup lately and I’ve been experimenting with different foundations. This one has excellent coverage, but it feels a little heavy. The foundation I’ve been using before this is a lot more sheer, but it also feels lighter on the skin. I really like the look of this matte foundation because it blends well and hides blemishes really well. It’s just a little bit too heavy for me, especially now that it’s getting warmer out.


I want to love the NYC New York Color Lipstick that I received, but the color, Forever Fuchsia, just isn’t me. Admittedly, I’m terrified of color, so I was kind of excited to be forced out side of my comfort zone. It’s really just a personal thing, but I didn’t feel comfortable in it. I felt like I looked kind of silly since I don’t usually wear bright colors. I do think it’s a gorgeous color, and the lipstick itself wears very nice, so I might pick up a color that is a little more neutral to try.

TLDR Summary:

Acroball Pen: A+. Definitely try if you’re in the market for new pens.

imPress Nails: C+. Buy if it’s a last resort, and even then, apply at the last minute.

Real Tea Water Enhancer: C+. It’s not real tea at all (if you’re looking for real tea, check out Sophia’s Teas…wink wink), but if you like a sweet water flavoring, you might like this.

Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation: B-. Not bad. This is one to try, you may like it if you don’t mind heavier foundations.

NYC Lipstick: B. Formula seems pretty good, especially for the price. Give it a try in a color that suits you.

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