Weekly Workouts + Weekend Update

This past week started off pretty average, workout wise. I tried one of the new workouts that I pinned (Burn 100 calories in 10 minutes: Do this total body workout at home!) and was very underwhelmed. It was a decently tough workout, and I pushed hard, and only burned about 48 calories as per my heart rate monitor. Maybe my monitor isn’t right and I’m being unfair, but it seemed like I was working a lot harder and hoped to get closer to the 100 cals mark. I did the routine in 11 minutes, but it wasn’t a very fun work out either.

Monday5 pull ups, Week 3 day 3 of push ups challenge (88 push ups), yoga
Tuesday1 pull up, 45 minutes of yoga focusing on backbends
Wedneday2 pull ups, 30 yoga + handstands practice
Thursday3 pull ups, Week 4 day 1 of push ups challenge (126 pushups), yoga +handstands
Friday100 cals in 10 minutes workout (linked above), yoga

For yoga, I practice a lot of handstands and back bends. They’re pretty much my focus right now and I’m enjoying it. I noticed I was having some trouble on Friday with my wrists in different arm balances and I think that’s due to the push ups challenge.

Fallen Angel Pose
Fallen Angel Pose – My wrists were really uncomfortable

Last time I wimped out of the push up challenge close to the end because my wrists hurt a lot when I did them. I tried everything from warming up my wrists, wrapping them, and trying to position my hands differently and nothing helped. I’ve never had wrist paint when doing yoga, even when practicing a lot of arm balances in a month, so I think the push up challenge is affecting that. I hate quitting it again, but I definitely don’t want it to affect my yoga practice.

I tried a new recipe for Hearts of Palm Lobster Roll, and it was really, really good. I got food poisoning once as a kid from lobster and could never eat it after. I didn’t know if I’d even like this faux lobster, but I like hearts of palm, and cooked with Old Bay, it was really tasty. I used this recipe, and subbed celery with green peppers, omitted the lemon (because I forgot to get it from the store), and used a tad bit more Just Mayo. I also added lettuce and tomato to the roll, which could totally be against a traditional lobster roll, who cares, it was delicious.

Hearts of Palm Lobster Roll
Hearts of Palm Lobster Roll

I took two days off to rest this past weekend, which I don’t normally do. On Saturday, I ran out to do errands and then got a headache and just wanted to rest for the day. On Sunday, we had minor emergencies which had us at urgent care and the ER (everyone is fine now!) and after all the running around, there wasn’t the time or energy for anything else.

What did you do this weekend?

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