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Nothin' but Ramen November

Well, it was voted on, and this month will be a trial of eating nothing but ramen noodles. Since it was up in the air until today on what November would be, and the fact that I hate grocery shopping on Sundays, I will go shopping for my supplies tomorrow. I will also finish the perishable food I already have, as to not waste anything. But, I will not buy anything other than noodles, unless they are something to mix in/eat with the noodles.

I’m guessing I’ll be eating a lot of the cup of noodles because they’re simple to make (yes, I know ALL ramen is simple to make). I want to mix in frozen veggies, and maybe tofu. I found some kick ass recipes on the Nissin website, including ramen spinach salad, and ramen pizza.

Health Concerns (from wikipedia) : “A serving of ramen is high in carbohydrates and low in vitamins and minerals. Ramen soup tends to be high in sodium

However, the Maruchan website clearly states:  “Maruchan soups make delicious wholesome meals.”

Upon more research I found a woman who was going to try to eat ramen once a day for a week.  I also found this interesting Ramen blog.

Looks Yummy
Looks Yummy

I’m a little upset the bacon flavor is only available in Brazil, and I’m also confused about the “natural chicken” flavor that’s “coming soon.” I believe I will not be limiting myself to only vegetarian varieties because, honestly how many animal products are really in a serving? And the oriental flavor would get boring after a while.

I’m not even going to fathom a guess about how many calories I’ll be eating, or how much money it’ll cost. I’d rather just wait and see. I will eat whatever I’m given at the conference I’m going to in a few weeks, but maybe I’ll stop at a noodle bar while I’m in the city.

Will post info after my trip to the grocery store tomorrow. I’m excited to get this started!

November Challenge

Ah, November is rolling around, and I’m getting bored.  Starting November 1st, I will be doing a new experiment, but I haven’t quite figured out what I should do yet.

I need your help!

So far I have come up with 4 diet challenges that I’m interested in trying for the entire month (and I’m open to other suggestions):

College diet (aka nothin’ but ramen): I don’t think this will improve my quality of life one bit, BUT it would be interesting to see exactly what the effects of eating something bare like ramen would have. I always do healthy, good for you challenges, at some point I need to do a “Eat nothing but pizza and popcorn” diet.

What brought this up: Having to pay an arm and a leg (and my first born child) to afford health insurance (Ha take that! I will pay you my entire pay check, but I will have even worse health because I can’t afford food! I’m sure this is the way the system is supposed to work…right?) And having to extra rent for my new kitteh.
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November Experiment