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Bethlehem VegFest 2015


Fall is becoming my favorite time of the year because of all the food festivals! This was my 3rd year attending the Bethlehem VegFest, and it sounds silly, but walking around all the vegan vendors and animal rights groups brings me so much joy.  This was the largest amount of people I’ve seen here, and it makes me so happy that it’s growing.

Cinnamon Snail Korean BBQ Seitan
Cinnamon Snail Korean BBQ Seitan

My absolute favorite, The Cinnamon Snail, was there and holy cow was the line long! It was totally worth it though. My mom and I both got the Korean BBQ seitan and my only regret was not taking better photos!

Cinnamon Snail Donuts
Cinnamon Snail Donuts
Cinnamon Snail Donuts
Cinnamon Snail Donuts

We got donuts to bring home and oh my goodness were they the best ever. I cut the donuts up so we could try a few. I had a Chocolate Ganache Stuffed S’mores, the apple crumb, and another one with glaze and (maybe?) candied hazelnuts. I can’t even begin to describe how amazing they were. If you ever get the chance to order food from the Cinnamon Snail….do it.

Vegan Treats
Vegan Treats

Okay, I do kind of have another regret. I didn’t want to get Vegan Treats too early because I didn’t want to carry it around and crush whatever we got, but then by the end of the day the line was loooonnnnggg so we just stuck with the donuts from Cinnamon Snail.

Vegan Treats Line
Vegan Treats Line

At the end of the day my husband said we should’ve just picked something up early when there was no line and stuck it in the car…::facepalm::

Gangster Vegan Organics
Gangster Vegan Organics

I loved seeing all the vegan food vendors and I really wish I had the stomach capacity to eat from all of them. I went in planning to get something from Gangster Vegan Organics, but after my BBQ seitan I was stuffed.

Heavenly Hot Dogs
Heavenly Hot Dogs

My husband got a hot dog from Heavenly Hot Dogs. He said it was good, but I just about scolded him for getting a plain dog instead of one of the specialty ones. (How could you pass up a chili dog, or one with spinach, peppers, and onions??)


My dad and husband also got ice pops from Mompops, and I would’ve gotten one but I was way too full. I had a bite of a pretzel and it was salty and buttery and basically perfect.

Herbivore Good Luck Elephant Tank
Herbivore Good Luck Elephant Tank

I got to see Compassion Co in person, and got an Herbivore Clothing Good Luck Elephant tank from The Grape Cat.

There was music, cooking demos, people speaking, yoga, wine. It was a really well put together event. I can’t wait for next year!

My First Vegan Festival…Bethlehem Vegfest


Last year I was browsing for vegetarian festivals and the day I was searching online was the day of the Bethlehem Vegfest. My lifelong (okay the past two years or so) food truck crush The Cinnamon Snail was going to be there and I was so sad I missed it. As soon as I found out the date for the 2013 vegfest, I marked it on my calendar and declared I was going. (The Cinnamon Snail couldn’t make it this year because they were up for a vendy award the same day.) I was super excited to find out that it was 100% vegan this year too. Just an added bonus.

We had no issues getting there, but parking was kind of difficult. We actually passed a parking garage close by, and drove passed it, not knowing where we were going, and after driving around in traffic for another 25-30 minutes, we ended up back at the first garage (that was only a 5 minute walk). I only had a $5 and the machine didn’t give change, so we paid for parking from 12-8pm, which was way more than we needed, but no big deal.

I was delightfully surprised by the size of the event, I was really nervous we were going to drive an hour and a half only to walk around for 15 minutes and be bored. (The mr. willingly accompanied me, and he was a saint about it…he drove and barely complained about anything.)

There was a great selection of food vendors. There was pizza, Asian, burgers/dogs, and a lot of falafel. I was a little disappointed in the veggie burger/dog cart. There was one guy grilling packaged burgers/dogs one at a time, he also sold UTZ cheese curls (not vegan), didn’t have a fire extinguisher (there was a police officer who came around and checked while I was standing there), and someone in front of me had gotten a cold veggie dog and wanted his money back. I had already been standing in line for 20 minutes (he was seriously doing one at a time), and this was what the mr. wanted…I couldn’t drag him to a vegan festival and then not let him pick out his own food.


Waiting in line at the hot dog stand, then I wandered over there to get my lunch.

I ended up getting myself a falafel wrap from a stand next to the hot dog guy and even though it took a good 20-25 minutes it was delicious and huge.


Bad pic, but amazing falafel…my mouth is watering thinking about it.

There were a bunch of food vendors that were dedicated vegan companies and I wanted to try more of them, but the lines took so long. I was disappointed I didn’t get to check out v-lish soups, or the kombucha stand…I LOVE kombucha, but I had just grabbed a wine spritzer, and I pretty much nursed it while we walked around the rest of the day. Looking back, I missed a couple of other companies I wanted to check out and did the whole “I’ll see them when we come back” and totally forgot. I also learned that if you like and want to buy something…BUY IT…I missed a bunch of cute t-shirts because they ran out of the smaller sizes.

One of the companies I was most interested in checking out was Vegan Treats Bakery. I’ve been following them on twitter for quiet a while and they have the most beautiful desserts…turns out they are extremely tasty too. I’m actually kind of glad they are an hour and a half away because I think they would turn me into a dessert person.


I can’t tell you how excited I was to be somewhere that I could choose anything to eat without worrying what was in it. I actually hadn’t realized how restricted I feel, until I had the feeling of having options.

I want to thank the organizers and the volunteers who made this an awesome festival. I’ve never been to anything quite like it, and it was beyond what I was expecting. There was a large variety of food (and booze), kids activities, two music stages, and a lot of great organizations. I can’t believe some of the comments on the Facebook page about how it wasn’t green enough, there weren’t enough organic food vendors, etc…you’ll never please everyone and I am very grateful!


Walking around with alcohol reminded me of my Greece days.

DSC_1288cr DSC_1284cr


I wanted to get the boston cream donut for the mr, but the girls (who cut) in front of me in line got the last one…so we settled with a chocolate donut and a cannoli.


And a pumpkin parfait



Merch: two tshirts (one adult, one kid), wrist band, pin, catnip cat toy, bumper sticker, and a bottle of red wine



Sunday breakfast…yum