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Soylent Review: Week 1

It’s been a full week of Soylent replacing two meals a day, and I’m still alive and feeling pretty good.

But let’s rewind a little…

According to their website,

Soylent™ is a pioneer in food technology, producing convenient, complete foods designed to provide maximum nutrition with minimal effort.

I’d wanted to try Soylent for a while, but put it off because I didn’t think I could make it work while still cooking for 3 other people, and it seemed like an expensive  investment when I’d still be buying groceries. Also, I kind of love food…like I really enjoy cooking for others, trying new things, and the time spent while sharing meals. 

On the other hand, I love experimenting with things, especially ones that are health related. Plus, I don’t *always* love cooking. Sometimes I want to work right up to our regular dinner time, and I haven’t start cooking. Breakfast and lunch are also less exciting for me, sometimes I’d rather not stop what I’m doing to eat lunch. Another benefit I considered from drinking Soylent is that the nutrition is already figured out. I figured 5 servings=2000 calories, so I could easily cut that back to what I need and not worry about getting enough protein or vitamins, etc. Last major awesome point…it’s plant based. Soylent is 100% vegan!

How I’m Using It

Originally, I was going to go 100% Soylent for a month, but according to their Nutrient Profile Calculator, I’d be drinking more grams of fat than I need. According to their Nutrient Profile Calculator, I only need about 1186 calories and 40 g of fat. That means I need 3 servings (400 cals each) to meet my calorie goal, but 3 servings would be 60g of fat. I decided to cut it back to 2 servings of Soylent with 1 meal. 

Soylent Nutrient Calculator
Soylent Nutrient Calculator


Day -4: Ordering my Soylent

I ordered my Soylent directly from their website on a Friday evening.  I used a promo code to get 50% off my first order of 2.0 (the bottled drink). You can use this referral link here: http://soy.lt/r/Q58Ei51bl9 (no benefit to me…just 50% off for you).

Along with my 2.0 subscription, I also ordered the powder with 10% off plus your first order comes with a free pitcher and scoop.

I also have a case of Cacao coming my way via Amazon with 20% off your first subscribe and save order.

Day 0: Shipment Arrived

My order shipped Monday and was delivered Tuesday. I would’ve started Tuesday afternoon, but it wasn’t delivered until 4pm, so official start day is Wednesday.

Day 1: Well…

I made the first pitcher of the powder the night before so it could chill in the fridge. Then I read it needed to be consumed within 48 hours, so I planned to drink the pitcher for breakfast and lunch on Wednesday and Thursday, sharing some with my husband.

Straight up, it wasn’t exactly my favorite. It has an aftertaste that isn’t fantastic. I did fill me up and I wasn’t hungry after drinking it, but that could be because of the taste.

Day 2: Better

 I still had half a pitcher in the fridge so I decided to use it as a smoothie base. I blended the already mixed Soylent with some frozen strawberries and it was a million times better. 

Day 3: Trying the 2.0

The Soylent drink tastes like the leftover milk from a bowl of cereal. Generally, that wouldn’t be my cup of tea, but I really love the taste of this. 

Days 4-7

So far, I’ve had 2 servings a day + 1 meal. I’ve never felt hungry, which was my main fear. Even if it was all in my head I was worried I’d think I was hungry. I’ve actually felt really good. Not hungry or tired. I haven’t noticed any difference at all really.

Drink vs Powder

The drink is more convenient with no mixing , there are 6g less sugar than the powder, and it tastes better.  The downside is that it is more expensive. The cost of a serving of the powder is about $1.54, where the drink is $2.69. I like the drink better, but when the powder is mixed with fruit it tastes fine.


Around day 4 I was down a pound since starting Soylent. I think it was just a coincidence because I’m back to where I started now. 

I’ve only been drinking 800 calories of Soylent, but I’m positive I’ve been eating more than 400 calories in my one meal. I can see how this could be helpful for someone trying to get more calories in their diet.

In January I had my blood work done and I plan on having it done again in July. I realize this is not a scientific method, but at by July 2/3rds of my meals will have been from Soylent for 2 months. I’m curious to see if anything significant stands out.

I always planned on drinking Soylent for a month, but at this point I plan to continue drinking it for the foreseeable  future.

Would you be open to trying Soylent? 


Whole30 Trial

Starting on Thursday, my husband and I will be doing a month of the Whole 30 diet. It’s basically just eating really clean, whole foods for 30 days. There is a lot to it, some science, a lot of positive reviews, but really we’re trying it as an elimination diet to see if anything specific is causing either of us stomach issues. My goal was to start on Saturday, that way we could have 2 full days of 3 main meals and snacks hashed out at home, and if I absolutely had to, I could run out and get stuff from the grocery store. Based on the amount of off limits foods (basically his lunch meat and cheese), we’re going to start on Thursday when he runs out. Oh, and we’re doing it totally vegan.

Technically, I’m not following the Whole30 to a tee. I’m more like using it as a guideline. The biggest ways I’m straying are with fruit and I will probably make some SWYPO foods. I know that’s one of the biggest rules, and I don’t plan on making them for every meal, but as long as the ingredients are whole, I’m considering them fair game. I guess instead of following the Whole30, I’m just trying to eat whole foods for 30 days. (BTW, I hate any way of eating that has a commercialized name or trademark.)

We are only doing it for about a month, maybe a few extra days if we get tired of eating the same foods over and over again. Which definitely falls back on me not being creative enough, because I realize the huge abundance of fruits and vegetables there are out there.

I’m breaking the fruit rule because the W30 says to only eat it occasionally. I’m far from a fruitarian, but your cells and brain need glucose to function, so it seems counter intuitive to limit it so much. (We will strictly adhere to the no added sugar rule though.) I know part of the W30 is to mentally break the addiction to sweet foods, and eating fruit could undermine that, but I guess that is just more evidence that I’m doing a “Whole30 inspired” month.

As for the SWYPO foods, again I’m not really doing this for the psychological aspect. I’m not opposed to making some banana pancakes with almond meal. I really  decided to break this rule when trying to come up with breakfasts for my husband. I plan on making tofu veggie muffins (like mini quiches) but they will get old quick. I have no problem eating fruit for breakfast, but it won’t fill him up. A really weird, but whole, SWYPO breakfast is banana cinnamon rolls. You slice and dehydrate bananas, mash some dates and cinnamon (and maybe chopped pecans) on them, roll them up, and then dehydrate them again. They’re not even close to looking like traditional cinnamon rolls, but they taste really good.

I’m not going to lie, we haven’t even started yet, and I’m already exhausted. Mainly because I wanted to plan out a month worth of meals (or at least the first two weeks), so that I would be prepared, and in case I was really busy at the end of the week, the following week would already be planned out. I also think the easiest way to fail is to not be prepared. Already, I’ve spent hours planning meals and I feel like I’m doing it wrong. We’re going to eat simpler, so I feel like the whole meal planning/cooking thing should be….simpler!


I printed out these meal planner sheets from Free Homeschool Deals and stuck them in a 3 ring binder.

This checklist is super helpful.

And I’ve started a vegan Whole30 board on Pinterest.

I’ve planned out my first week of meals, along with a full shopping list that I will post in a few days.

Have you done the Whole30? Do you have any meal suggestions?