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Happy Holidays – Christmas Card Exchange

Christmas Card Exchange 2014Happy Holidays everyone! I love sending out Christmas cards, so if anyone would like one, head over to the contact page and leave me your name and mailing address. Or feel free to send me an email or DM me. If you’ve already sent me a message on Twitter, I got you!

I’m sending out the first batch this weekend, but leave me a note anytime before Christmas and I’ll send one out!

Reasons Why You’ll Find Me at Walmart During the Inevitable Zombie Attack

I don’t think Walmart is the greatest thing ever (their produce is awful), but I also don’t think Sam Walton is the antichrist. No matter where you fall on the great Walmart debate, everyone has to admit Walmart is the ideal base camp during the impending zombie apocalypse (and if you don’t believe it’s coming, I say you start by taking a look at the obscure medical experiments that are done today and tell me we won’t create a zombie virus…yeah, I thought so).

ANYWAY, if you are just driving along, minding your own business and start to see the undead walking around and eating people… HEAD TO WALMART. Costco and Sam’s Club are also acceptable, maybe even preferred. Only head to Kmart or Target if you can’t make it to a walmart. Shopping malls are ok, but we’ve all seen Dawn of the Dead.

Even zombies need a little protection from the rain Continue reading