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Tirimisu Recipe


3 large eggs
1 cup Espresso
1/2 cup sugar
2 Tbsp. Kahlua
8 oz. mascarpone
1/8 cup cocoa
20 ladyfingers


Combine 3 egg yolks, 1 Tbsp. Espresso, sugar and Kahlua in large mixing bowl. Beat 2-3 minutes. Add mascarpone and beat 3-5 minutes until smooth.



In another bowl, combine 3 egg whites and a pinch of sugar. Beat until stiff peaks form. Gently fold into mascarpone mixture.


Dip one side of each Ladyfinger into remaining Espresso and layer on bottom and sides of serving dish. Spread 1/2 of mascarpone mixture and sprinkle with cocoa. Layer Ladyfingers and finish with a mascarpone layer and cocoa. Refrigerate at least 1 hour before serving.

8 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s been about a week since New Year’s and not to be a negative Nancy, but I bet a decent amount of people are already giving up on their resolutions. Change is hard. There are a lot of past, external, and out of our control factors that all affect who we are and what we do. If you work 12 hours a day, you probably won’t make it to the gym or prepare home cooked meals 3x a day, no matter how much you want to. Here are a few tips to make sticking to those resolutions a little bit easier.

1. Most importantly, be realistic. If you can barely drag your butt of bed at 10 am, odds are, you probably won’t get up everyday at 5. If you detest any form of physical movement, you probably aren’t going to go to the gym everyday. Pick smaller goals that you have more of a chance of accomplishing. Of course it’s wonderful to be optimistic, but achieving smaller goals will make you feel good and will get the ball rolling for bigger goals.

2. Be specific. Wrong: “I want to lose weight this year.” Right: “I want to lose 15 lbs by January 1st 2012.” Better: “I want to lose 5 lbs by March, 10 lbs by July, and 15 lbs overall by November.” Wrong: “I want to save money.” Right: “I will put aside $10 from every paycheck into a special savings account.”

3. Have a plan. This goes along with being specific. What workout at the gym will you do? What time are you going to go everyday? Do some research and plan out your grocery list ahead of time to stay within your budget/diet. Make it easier for yourself by doing all the planning at one time (think making meals on Sunday and freezing them for the week) and then just turn on autopilot.

4. Make it public. You can announce it on your blog, or just tell family and friends. Holding yourself accountable will also make you feel good when you achieve your goals. Even better, post infomation on how you’re doing. Post pictures if you’re losing weight/going to the gym, sign up for a service like dailyburn and input what foods you ate, or have a fun little thermometer picture to announce how close you are to saving for your cruise.

5. Get emotional. You have to genuinely want to change in order for it to happen. You’ll have a better chance of losing 50 lbs because you’re obese rather than if you want to lose 5 lbs because you think you’ll look better in your skinny jeans. You’ll be more likely to save money if you imagine your dream vacation of sipping coffee in a little cafe outside of the Eiffel Tower everyday, rather than just seeing numbers in your bank account. Make sure your goal is linked to something important to you and each day remind yourself why you are working hard.

6. Set a specific length of time to fully commit. If you’re going to quit smoking cold turkey, do it for one month with no exceptions. After a month, maybe you’ll decide you don’t want to quit, but it’ll be a lot easier to continue on. After a month of good behavior, it’ll be a lot easier for a habit to stick with you.

7. Expect failures and get back on track. There’s a good chance you’ll falter a little bit in your plans for a new you, expect it. It’s impossible to be perfect. BUT don’t decide to throw your diet out the window just because you binged once. Start again with a clean slate on Monday.

8. Constantly evaluate your progress. Is it working for you? Are you happier/thinner/richer because you’re progressing? Or are you stressed/tired/irritable? If you vow to not let a single carb touch your lips for a whole year, but notice that you’re not losing any weight AND you’re miserable, it’s probably time for another plan.

2011 Resolutions

I don’t normally make new years resolutions because they seem about as likely to happen as being blind folded, spun around, and hitting a bullseye on a dart board. I used to make resolutions, but I stopped when I realized they always lost momentum after the first 30 days. That’s why I like to do 30 day trials instead, it’s only for a month, and there’s the freedom to try something new the next month. I came up with a few January (and a few 2011) resolutions and with a few minutes left in the day, I bring to you my list:

-Have the second bedroom/office cleaned and organized…and actually do work in it. I’ve been trying to clean it up for months now and with the holidays, all the shipping boxes and random crap got thrown in there. By the end of the month it needs to be usable.

-Handle stress better (ongoing). Specifically, drink tea in a mindful manner, take the L-Theanine tablets I bought regularly, read more, and meditate/do yoga once a week.

-Blog once a week (ongoing). I’m tempted to try blogging daily, but I feel like I’d be setting myself up for failure, or if I stuck with it some of the posts would be crap just to get in the daily quota. I do, however, think writing often (even if it’s crap) is better than not writing for weeks on end, so I’ve come up with a compromise. I’m going to try to write daily, using The Daily Post as inspiration, and will post one of those writings (or something else) at least once a week.

-Lose body fat. Before I get any lectures about not needing to lose weight, etc, I’d like to say that I’m striving to be healthier. I’m looking for less body fat and a little more muscle. My scale tells me I’m anywhere between 27-47% body fat on any given day, so I also think I need to find an accurate (or at least stable) method of measuring. I’ve been reading The 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferriss (I have an extra copy I might give away on here too) and I’ve pretty much come up with a plan for losing the body fat, but I’m not posting tonight because it’s not finalized yet.

-Slow Carb Diet. Linked to the previous goal, I plan on 6 days of high protein meals, with one awesome cheat day (Saturday). I’d like to stick to this religiously for the month of January, and then go from there.

-To do lists. Most importantly writing things down at night that I need to do the next day, and then updating it continuously throughout the day. I always do really well when I make lists at night and then jump right into them in the am, but I’ve gotten lazy lately, so January will be full of to do lists.

For 2011 as a whole, I’d like to focus on buying things of quality instead of buying more cheap stuff. I’ve been working on this for the past year and I’m proud of how I’ve been doing. I don’t mean going out and buying the most expensive thing and going into debt, but buying quality items that I can afford instead of settling on something cheap that I’ll need to replace in a few months/year. Some recent purchases I’m proud of are good quality memory foam pillows (only $25 a piece), Nikon D3000 DSLR camera, and Vibram 5 Fingers shoes. On the other hand, my $7 dresser I got at a yard sale is falling apart and I can’t wait to replace it.

I’d also like to leave the country at some point this year, that’s more of a goal than a resolution.

I wish everyone luck on their new years resolutions and hope for a happy and healthy new year!