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Vegan at the Jersey Shore (Part 1)

JerseyShorePostcardBack in June, I made the executive decision that we were going to the Jersey Shore for a long weekend.  We used Airbnb to find an apartment, but even before we officially picked a location, I was searching for areas with vegan food options.

We ended up choosing Seaside (and yes, I made my husband walk past the Shore House). Our apartment was 2 blocks away from the beach, and while I used to love eating crappy boardwalk food, I found a few vegan friendly restaurants in Tom’s River, so most of our meals were eaten there.

Our home for the weekend
Our home for the weekend

After we got checked in to our apartment, we headed straight to Revolutionary Lounge & Cafe, about a 15 minute drive from our place. We got there around 5 and there it was empty, but they were getting ready for a show that was going to be playing out back a little later. There wasn’t a huge selection of specifically vegan items on their menu, but I really appreciated that, A, that there were any, and B, that they were clearly marked. I wondered if their veggie burgers sans cheese were vegan (or if they were made with eggs), but the staff seemed kind of busy, so I just ordered the Barbequed Tempeh sandwich to be on the safe side.

Revolutionary Lounge - Barbequed Tempeh
Barbequed Tempeh – Pan seared with fresh peppers, onions and smothered in a hickory barbeque sauce

We also ordered Hummus Medley with tortilla chips, and my husband ordered the Anarchy Burger (black bean burger with lettuce, tomato, onion and topped with fresh avocado and provolone).

Revolutionary Lounge - Hummus Medley
Hummus Medley – Red pepper and roasted garlic, avocado and jalapeno, and black bean hummus served with tortilla chips

The hummus was good. The red pepper and roasted garlic was definitely my favorite. My tempeh sandwich was really tasty and filling too.  We ordered one of each of the vegan desserts to go from their display, and they were just okay.

Revolutionary Lounge - Desserts to go
Revolutionary Lounge – Cherry Tart, Snowball. Chocolate Cupcake with Peanut butter Frosting, Chocolate cake with chocolate/peanut butter frosting

We got the Cherry bar (my favorite), GF Chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting, Snowball, and a Chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting and cherry glaze (that’s what the card in the display said, but I didn’t taste peanut butter or cherry glaze…it was like a chocolate Twinkie and I hope it was vegan and not mislabled). They were very sweet, a little dry, and tasted like typical dinner desserts. But I appreciate that they even offer vegan options!

Revolutionary Lounge - Chocolate Cake
Revolutionary Lounge – Chocolate Cake


Ocean Organics Juice Bar & Cafe
Ocean Organics Juice Bar & Cafe

The next morning, before hitting the beach, we went to Ocean Organics Juice Bar & Cafe. It was about a 6 minute drive and the staff was super friendly as soon as we walked in.  We ordered off their brunch menu the first day. I got  the tofu scramble with tomato, onions, cracked pepper, and vegan cheese, tempeh,  fruit,  and toast. My husband ordered the 3 Egg Scramble with black beans, peppers, onions, tomato, and cheese, potatoes and toast. We also tried some of the vegan and gluten free waffles (so good!).

Ocean Organics - Tofu Scramble with Tempeh
Ocean Organics – Tofu Scramble with Tempeh

I had a hard time choosing what to order (I’m not used to having so many choices) but I had to get the tofu scramble. Mine was really good (they gave me a side of fresh salsa too), but my husbands looked amazing (if the eggs were tofu that is). I opted for getting the side of tempeh but next time I would get a bigger scramble.

Ocean Organics - Green Machine and Pineapple Pipeline
Ocean Organics – Green Machine and Pineapple Pipeline

From their juice menu, I ordered a Green Machine (Apple, Celery, Lemon, Orange, Spinach, Kale) and loved it. My husband ordered the Pineapple Pipeline (Pineapple, Strawberry, Banana), which was really good too.

Ocean Organics - Hummus Sandwich
Ocean Organics – Hummus Sandwich – Organic Sprouted Wheat Bread, Hummus, Cucumber, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Sprouts, Carrots

I ordered a Hummus Sandwich to go, an Almost Raw Chocolate Raspberry Pie, and a chocolate chip banana bar. They gave me one from the back that didn’t have a label so I forgot the exact name. The banana bar was super moist, and the raspberry pie was to die for. It was probably my favorite thing from the whole weekend.

Ocean Organics - Chocolate Chip Banana Bar
Ocean Organics – Chocolate Chip Banana Bar
Ocean Organics - Almost Raw Chocolate Raspberry Pie
Ocean Organics – Almost Raw Chocolate Raspberry Pie
Ocean Organics - Almost Raw Chocolate Raspberry Pie
Ocean Organics – Almost Raw Chocolate Raspberry Pie

I absolutely loved the cafe. I loved the food options and the green juice. It was on the expensive side, but it was not overpriced. It was well worth it for an organic, vegan meal.Ocean Organics Juice Bar & Cafe(Embarrassing side note…I was trying to use cash for the weekend and had exact change for the bill. I was so worried about counting out the money that I forgot to leave a tip. We ended up going back the next morning and giving it to them because I felt SO bad. The food and service were excellent, so I hope no one thought we were jerks!)

Ocean Organics Juice Bar & Cafe

Ocean Organics - Cookies

To be continued…

Seaside, NJ
Seaside, NJ

Our First Room Makeover — Main Bath



Eventually, we’re going to completely remodel this bathroom. We plan on getting rid of the pink tile, the green tub, the blue-ish toilet, the old medicine chest, and put in a new sink/vanity. In the meantime, we wanted to do a few smaller changes to make it feel more like home. We’ve finished our minor changes and we’re going to leave the room as it is currently until we’re ready to make big changes (probably closer to 2 years from now), except possibly hang up some curtains, or something decorative.

The list for the bathroom was as follows:

  • Replace shower head
  • Remove wallpaper
  • Prime and paint walls/ceiling white
  • Replace outlets with ones with GFIs
  • Replace light switches and covers
  • Remove shower doors
  • Install curved shower rod
  • Install shower caddy
  • Hang towel rack (since we’re losing the one on the shower door)













Even though the room will eventually be completely updated, it feels great to have one room totally done.