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Greece Update 2


I want to write every day and tell of my great Greece adventures, but we’re always so busy and the lack of internet is a problem too. Every night we’ve been getting into the hottest night clubs VIP style. We got home at 6 this morning and everyone minus me, Rami, and Court went back out to the bar. Another highlight (of my life) was getting to the mall around 4:30, grabbing a brew and then going shopping. I love walking around the mall with a beer in my hand.
Okay, it’s not all about alcohol, I think we’re starting to get used to it now.

I’m learning Greek, Arabic (Lebanese), and Chinese. So far I can say the basics, I’m hungry, I love you, tasty beer, hello beautiful/pimp, dog, and thank you.
I feel like I’ve been here forever, twice I’ve gotten asked for directions.

Tomorrow through wed I’m going to the Peloponnese. We’re going to Olympia and Sparta and a few other places. So far we’ve done the Agora, Acropolis, Meteora, and Delphi.

I had to cancel my spring break italy trip. I decided it was just too expensive and I’m going to only go for a few days, and def go when Mandi is here. I believe I’m going to hit up the islands with some of the girls instead. Although, I am really jealous that all of my apartment and the guys are going to be in Rome for Easter.


I don’t think I’ve mentioned how I love the people here. My roommates are crazy and so much fun. We just got a new Chinese roommate that doesn’t speak much english (hence my learning chinese). I think we all get along really well. Last night we had a group dinner, court did the hamburgers, Jess did the salad, and I did the french fries.
Rami is playing with my computer, so I have to go now..but I will update when ever possible.

Greece-All Nighter


Tuesday night, we headed out to go to a club around 1am. The club wasn’t open so we went to a bar and smoked hookah for a while. Then we headed back to Ploughman’s (a bar near my apartment). Around 6 we decided to leave, but get something to eat.

The mysterious hot dog stand was missing (it comes and goes between 11pm and 5am) McDonald’s was closed, so we went to the crepe place (it’s always open). After we got spinach/cheese pies/beer we decided we needed to stay up and go to an island. We hoped in a cab, went to Nouh’s and watched My Boss’ Daughter.


At like 8:30 we got up and walked around Monastiraki and went back to my place to get some money. Then we hoped on the metro (still in the clothes from when we went clubbing the night before) and took it to Pireaus (the port). We found an agent and told her we wanted to go to an island right away. It was 20 euros round trip and it took about 40 minutes to get there. We rode in the back of the ferry so we could sit outside.

When we got to Aegina we were going to go swimming but it was freezing, so instead we stuck our feet and our heads in the Aegean Sea. We got coffee, and eventually headed home. I left my apartment at 1am and got home at 6:30pm the following day.
Adventures like these are why I love Greece.


Temple of Olympian Zeus


Temple of Olympian Zeus
Temple of Olympian Zeus

Overall, we’ve been here for two weeks. It feels like a vacation that should be ending soon. It seems like we’ve been here forever. I love it here, but I wish my friends and family were here too. I miss seeing and hanging out with my friends, but I hate that I can’t even talk to them. I’ve gotten over the heat/hot water situation, but I can’t handle not having the internet. When school starts I think I will be in the lab all day.


I’ve been gaining weight too. The food is just so good here. We’re also looking for a gym that would be great. I find that here that I have a hard time trusting people. I just stating trusting the friends I’ve made at home, and now I have to give them up and start over.