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Killer Candles?

I’ve been seeing a ton of articles lately saying that common (paraffin) candles (especially scented and aromatherapy ones) emit toxins that cause cancer. Yuck. (I admit, everything gives you cancer it seems.) I like burning candles enough that I wouldn’t let the threat of toxins deter me, BUT since there are safer kinds of candles, like vegetable and soy based ones, why not use those instead?

Some facts:

-The smoke from paraffin candles emits benzene, toluene and ketones (linked to cancer, asthma and birth defects).

-The National Candle Association says candles are safe.

-The Environmental Protection Agency says that the toxins emitted can be absorbed by the deepest part of the lungs and lower respiratory tract.

-Wicks made with lead were banned in 2001, but can still be found on the market today.

-Soy candles don’t contain the chemicals paraffin candles have, and produce less soot.

*See links for references below

If you’re local to central PA, you can find soy candles made by Pawprint Candles at The Hodgepodgery.

You can also check out GoodLight Natural Candles.

EPA on Candles (PDF)

Candlelit dinner with a side of toxic chemicals?